Claytor Home Business Guide

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Few people realize that advertising can make or break your business.

There are so many ways to advertise your business.

Something as simple as sitting in a coffee shop talking to a friend about your business ( not just your friend, but anyone around you that hears)


You have network marketing like twitter, face book, ning, linked in etc...Sometimes called social networking. They are basically all the same.

You set up your page or profile, in put information about you and you experience then start getting friends. You want to reach a healthy balance of business and personal. No one but no one wants details on your spat with spouse nor do they want ad after ad after ad..

Network marketing is like a pyramid scheme you hear so much about.

This is the great, no money involved scheme.

You are the product.

You get passed around, you get followers or friends, those people bring you more and those new people bring you more and so on.  Before you even realize it, 100's of 1000's

know of you/ your business.

Unfortunately that does not mean the money comes rolling in.

You have all these "friends", some will sign up as your down line, some will buy, some will pass your info on to their friends. Most want you to join or buy from them....

Network marketing is all about getting to know..

What the person is all about, their values, their dedication to their business, their reputation in the business.

In this case, more is really not better.

100 really knowing and supporting is way better than 1000 sitting on your friends list.

Groups like yahoo etc... fall under networking.


Link exchanges

Link exchanges may be beneficial to small businesses and those just starting out.

 Once you are established too many links all over makes you look bad.

It is not about how many sites your url is on, but the quality of those sites.

Be very picky about where your business is listed.


Paid advertising

This does not have to cost a fortune.

You can place ads on small home business webs site, place ads on big name companies,

and pay someone to advertise your business.

Again it is not about how many ads you have out there, but the content of the ads. 

If you are not able to write an ad that jumps out and grabs the public then your best bet is to hire someone to do it for you. Increased business will more than pay for your ad expenses.