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Affiliate Programs Explained

Your main objective as an Affiliate is to send traffic to your merchant. 


The idea is to place a companies links on your site, emails, and anywhere else you can in order to get people to go visit that company. When someone you send to them makes a purchase, you get paid. If you simply place a banner on one of your web pages and expect the commission checks to come rolling in - you're going to be disappointed! In order to earn commissions - you have to become an active Affiliate. Place a few banners on your site, an article and a guest book in your resource section, another article and an ad in your newsletter and a testimonial wherever you can fit one!


Once the visitors get to the merchant's site, the merchant takes over. It's up to you to "pre-sell" the visitor on what they will see, and what you'd like them to do once they get to the merchant's site (like Buy or Sign up).

You'll be sending traffic using your Affiliate-ID encoded links. These links can be placed virtually anywhere you can think of!


 Many companies have affiliate programs. Some are run by the company, some use affiliate managers to keep track of all the affiliates and complete commission payments.


Most companies pay per sale- when someone uses your link and buys from the company you earn anywhere

from .03% up to 50%.

There are some that pay per click,  each time someone visits from your link you get paid.


Some that pay per lead, and some that pay by referral.

 To see some of the available affiliate programs go to

the Business Links page and look under affiliate links.


Below are a variety of affiliate program links..





Remember that putting a link up does not make the money roll in.

You have to direct people to the link, then they have to buy.

A word of warning...

Check out your companies before you join.

Are their complaints? Do they pay as promised.

Monitor your hits. Test your link.

Place an order from your link- does it register? Do you get paid??










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