Claytor Home Business Guide

Your guide to work at home opportunities......

Getting Started 

Above is a must read before getting involved in any business.

 Are you dazed and confused with all the home business ads?

 My goal is to cut down on the confusion by providing you with the information you need to make educated decisions about your future. Unfortunately there are 50 scams out there for every legit job opportunity.

Lets try that again ...

Home Business is not really a job opportunity. There are no set hours, no per hour or salary pay. If you do not " work" and make sells, then you do not make money.

A home business is work pure and simple. It requires many hours and effort and most times some money to get it running and keep it running.

If you are thinking. Great! I join this company and the money starts rolling in, you are wrong!

It takes several years to build up a customer base and then you have to hang onto that customer base.

Working from home can allow you to stay home with children, support your family, or just provide extra income... You do not have to be a salesperson,  

First research the companies that you are interested in. Completely check them out.

How long have they been in business? A new business is just as good as a well established business if the business owner has a great reputation.

How many reps do they have? Are you going to be tripping all over each other because there are 20 other reps within 100 miles of you. The companies with reps all over each other have an answer to this-

" It does not matter "how many reps are on top of you, you will still get sells etc.....

This is simply not true.

Lets say out of those 20 reps that 10 of them have been in business for 5 plus years,

They have customers that have been with them for years. Why is there customer going to all the sudden buy from you rather than their rep?

They are not!

Do they have references? Any business will have reps and or customers that are willing to vouch for them- if they do not, run the other way. If they promise a set income, run the other way. Your income will depend on how much you put into your business.

What kind ( if any ) restrictions do they have on how you are able to operate your business? A lot of the Big Companies have a long list of what is allowed and not allowed. Do you want restrictions on how you run your business, how you advertise, how you promote, and where you can sell? Read the fine print completely and ask for a contract or some kind of written agreement.

After you pick your company, in most situations you will need a EIN or Tax number- some companies will allow your SSN to be used. You also need to check on city, county, and state ordinances. Know about what and how before you get fined for trying to run your business.

Some states have a master license that will cover everything. Also check into your states revenue dept. You will be required to collect and pay sales tax if your company does not do it for you.


Now that you are all nice and legal, you have picked your business and are ready to go. Go for it!

Now what!!!

So, you are a rep, you are telling everyone you know about your product, you have joined 50 groups and are telling them all about your product ( if allowed)  and you have been shoving your product in  hands, but not one person has bought or ordered from you. What are you doing wrong?

Networking is personal- you are not selling your product, you are selling you- Your time, your energy, a shoulder, a kind word, you are making friends. Moms buying from moms is a whole new world. We support each other. You can find just about any item you need either made by a mom or sold by a mom and buying from that mom helps that mom support her family.

Vendor shows- the touch, taste, feel method- I have seen so many vendors sitting behind their booth almost hidden, looking down in the dumps, a little scared, and not enjoying their show- there are many reasons for feeling and looking like that.

Maybe a sick child, fight with hubby, worry about bills, or even desperately need to make money at the show and it is not happening.

This is another place that the make friends comes into play. Get off your duff, get visible, put a smile on your face, and talk to people= even if it is just the vendor next to you ( surprisingly. other vendors can be your best customers) People are drawn to people that have good attitudes and are having fun. Do not start off all about your product- ask them something? Comment on their beautiful shirt or ring or child- whatever- make them feel at home in your booth. Give out goodie bags or mom packs( there are also pagan packs and probably others out there) Everyone loves something free and they will remember you. They may not buy right then and there, but they may order online or see you at another event or better yet start telling their friends about you- word of mouth is the best advertising around.

 The most important thing I can pass on to you is do not give up. With hard work and dedication your business can make it.

 Always, ALWAYS..

Keep in mind that your reputation can make or break you.

Always ship out in timely manner.

Always keep your word.



Do not spam people