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Everyone wants to be financially secure.

Unfortunately with a scam the only one making money is the one that started the scam and maybe a few people under that person.


Below are some actual spam messages in my email account.

I have no proof that these are scams, but on the other hand the people posting can not provide proof that they are not scams. Look them over and know what to watch for.

Do they make promises.

Do they claim that they are seen in national magazines? On TV?

Do they sound legit? Do they post what appears to be financial documents?

Bottom line, anyone - anywhere can post anything on line and in print.

Just because you see it does not make it true.

Does the ad offer you the secret to making money? Does the ad say the will teach you how?

Read the fine print. 



Single mother goes from broke to $150 daily online...

WANTED: People To Work From Home


Must Have Computer

We Are Looking For Qualified People Who Are Willing To Fill Out

Surveys Online. You Will Be Compensated For Your Time.

Pay Ranges From $10 to $25 Per Hour.

You Can Recieve A Paycheck By the End of The Week

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I clicked on the link just to check it out. Here is what I got.



Earn Money Today!
Register now and you can get started right away!

** Just one hour online can pay for your registration! **

Normally $59.95

Today's Special Registration Price ONLY $34.95!
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 Really!  Why would I pay someone 34.95 to take surveys so I can make money?

I would not- To me this is a scam.

There are many companies out there they do offer legit surveys and yes, you can make a few dollars by taking them. But, they do not tell you up front that in order to earn, you have to meet certain qualifications and complete the survey.

From my survey days I have earned Starbucks gift cards, Toys R Us gift cards, Tested diapers and wipes, dog food, and rice crispy treats. On the last one I did I got a surprise letter with 15.00 cash in it.

I did all this without paying anyone to register......

The surveys can be fun and some take a while to complete.

Surveys are not great income.You may or may not get them every day, and if you do get them daily, you may not qualify for any of them.

If you are looking for a couple of extra dollars- they are great.

If you are looking to buy a house, it is just not there.

When you come across someone claiming they make all this money taking surveys, watch out.

They either get paid for signing up new people to take the surveys or they get paid for building a team.

Some pay .25 per survey others $ 10.00 or more.

Look at how much income you need weekly and how many surveys you would have to qualify for to make that.


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Watch out for the surveys that you have to complete offers to earn.....