Claytor Home Business Guide

Your guide to work at home opportunities......

Types of businesses.

First, you can work for yourself.


Do you have a hobby or skill that others want or need?

You can make a product like soaps, candles, sewing, photos etc.. and sell them.

You can sell online, at vendor shows, gift shops, boutiques and many other places.

You can also sell your skills.

Organization, web design, proof reading, advertising and many more.


Tina at

   Is one woman that put her skills to work for her.

Tina is originally from England but currently lives  in Pleasanton, CA. She encourages people who have too much stuff to get rid of it and give it or sell it to others who want it.   Tina offers classes out of her home  on how to declutter  and she gives to the homeless.


 You can also sell other peoples products on your own web site.

These can be handmade products, drop ship products, or wholesale products. In most cases you have an agreement with the supplier for a set discount on the products you order. Then you sell the products at the price you set.


 You can work for someone else. Really, you are not an employee of that company. You just promote and sell that product. Most of the time you will buy your own web site for the products. You do not have to worry about keeping up to date on products as the company does that for you. They collect payment, pay taxes etc... And, they have all kinds of rules you must follow.

These are the big name companies that offer distributor, representative, consultant programs. Most of them have a fee to join which may or may not include a kit. Some have monthly fees for your site and quotas that you must meet to stay active.

 There are so many companies out there. Some claim that just by joining them and getting others to join that you will make a lot of money.

Some will charge you to work for them- the auto ship monthly deals where each month you have to buy products to stay active.

There are companies that offer products, companies that offer a service, companies that want you to bring in more people.


Check out each company thoroughly. Once you decide on your home business, stick with it. The more companies you are with does not increase your chances of income.

How much money you make is going to depend on not just the product you are offering, but on you. How much time and effort you put into the business.


You can also earn with affiliate marketing, blogs, and networking.