Claytor Home Business Guide

Your guide to work at home opportunities......

Your own site

There are many free web site hosts out there- like this site- (Freewebs)

First what kind of site do you want?  Information site, shopping site,  or link site.

 Decide what you can spend on a site- keep in mind that domain will be extra in most cases.

Pick you name- this can be anything that is not already in use or name  that is owned.

Build your site. Publish your site.

 Sound easy?

Well, not really!

Some hosts offer the click and drag or simply click and it is added options.

These work well if you have no web building knowledge.

Then you have the DIY where the base is there and you add your products and or change colors etc.

Then there are the sites where html is a must..

If you do not understand html it is not a good host to pick unless you have

several hundred sitting around for a designer.

Now that you are up- running a web site takes work.

 You can not just make your site and expect people to flock to it. ( wish it was that easy.LOL)

While a few will stumble across your site, most will not even know it is there- unless you tell them.

This is where your networks, groups, friends, and advertising come in. 

There are networks and groups where spamming is allowed-

 if it is not allowed do not do it!  This needs repeating DO NOT SPAM! 

 This can get you removed from groups and networking sites that do not allow spam. 

Spamming can get you removed from affiliate and Rep programs

and on some hosting plans, they can delete your site.

And, no one likes spam- you get know for spamming, harvesting email address etc...

no one will have anything to do with you.

 You have to keep your site up to date,

if you have links on site make sure that all of them work.